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about.ntg.imageNavigating the Grey is a concept created by INFACT Global Partners to assist retailers/brands, factories and suppliers with practical and sound advice concerning the 'grey' areas of China law.  Grey areas of law are those areas where multiple interpretations are common.

The discussion forums on this website are meant to start a dialog about China law, and our experts are here to assist you with your questions on a wide variety of topics including some very specific aspects of the law.  INFACT Global partners and navigatethegrey.com cannot be held responsible for any undesirable outcome that comes from following the advice within, and all statements within are only opinions, not absolute legal certainties.



About Our Expert

Fan Zhanjiang

Mr. Fan is a well-known labor law expert, who has served in the ministry of personnel, ministry of labor and department of labor management, labor relationship regulation and labor wage in the ministry of labor and social security.  Mr. Fan has held many position, such as the chief of the division (bureau) office, Director of the Labor Arbitration Department, Director of the Labor Dispute Resolution Department. Mr. Fan also has served as the vice chairman and secretary general of the professional committee of Labor Dispute Resolution. He is now serving as the standing director of the professional committee of Labor Dispute Resolution in the national Labor Institute and of the Labor and Social Insurance Institute in Beijing.

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